Full screen doesn't work anymore

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the help Vault.
  2. Press F11 on the keyboard.
  3. Obsidian doesn’t go to full screen and the top title bar still shows.

Expected result

After pressing F11, I expect Obsidian to go into full screen, like it did with version 0.11.x and earlier.

Actual result

Nothing happens. Here’s a video recording of it.


  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home 64-bit.
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.10.

Additional information

  • There is no information in the Console tab of the Developer Tools, like an error message, after pressing F11.

Works for me

Thanks for the reply.

Would a performance recording from the Developer Tools help? I’ve made one here. The two keydown events in that file are for F11, which weren’t followed by going to full screen.

Or is there perhaps other info I can provide?

Thanks and have a nice weekend,

Is it possible that you have F11 bind to some other window program?

Does F11 work in Chrome?

What’s your installer version?

Thanks for the input. With AutoHotkey closed (exited) F11 doesn’t work in Obsidian, and I don’t have other ways of binding hotkeys.

F11 works for me in:

  • Firefox
  • Brave (Chromium)
  • Edge
  • Dynalist
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Notepad++
  • Scrivener

My Obsidian installer is 0.11.13.

download and reinstall obsidian.

Thanks. I did so and the problem still appears.

Hmm… My Problem was, until I found this post, that my Obsidian app (ver. 0.12.12 in Windows 10) was losing the top title bar that would normally allow me to use the back & forward buttons at the top left, or even close the app by using the X at the top right.
My case was SOLVED easily by pressing F11 - the top bar appeared. Then, pressing F11 again, it disappeared.

Cheers to all.

That’s what full screen does. It hides the title bar.

Even when you are in full screen mode, you still have access to the commands, “Navigate back”, and “Navigate forward”, which you can assign to a hotkey.

By default on MacOS, it is Cmd-Alt-left and Cmd-Alt-right arrow keys. On Windows, I assume it is Ctrl-Alt-left and Ctrl-Alt-right.

And you can still close the window by using whatever app closing hotkey you have in your OS. (Cmd-Q in Mac, maybe alt-F4 in Windows.)