Frontmatter Tags with Graph View?

I’ve come to Obsidian with a notebook and journal that contains thousands of markdown files I’ve maintained variously over the years. The markdown has tags in the YAML frontmatter, and I have a question about how that works with Obsidian.

Is there a way to have the graph view understand frontmatter tags? Autocomplete isn’t important to me but I’d love to see these tags used in the graph. My tags are in frontmatter like this minimal example:

title: foo
date: yyyy-mm-dd
tags: tag1, tag2

I’ve seen some conflicting information in the forums that suggests Obsidian’s functionality for this may have changed over time. Is there anything I can do aside from reformatting thousands of files?

Thanks for any help.

Tags in the front matter work for me anywhere I’ve expected them to, including in graph view (assuming tags is selected for viewing there). The tags I use are of this form.

  - foo
  - bar
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Thank you @bmdesmet for considering my question and for sharing what works for you. I look forward to trying this out.

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