Frontmatter property value in a dataviewjs query

I have a dataview codeblock that shows a table of pages in a folder, dependant upon a frontmatter property. It all works well except that I don’t see the table change in the view when changes are made to the frontmatter property value until I reload the view. I have a shortcut key combination that allows me to reload the view manually and I can live with that at a pinch but it would be better too have the view upload automatically when the property changes. Can this be done?



	path = require( 'path' )
	const dirname = path.dirname( path.dirname( dv.current().file.path ) ) + "/Gallery/Photographs"
	const status = dv.current().file.frontmatter.status

	dv.execute( `
		table without ID link(photographer), cover
		from "${dirname}"
		WHERE contains( photographer, "${status}" )