Frontmatter errors

What I’m trying to do

Hi All,
I am importing long strings (SMILES strings, describing small molecule structure) as a Property into the Frontmatter of my .md files. Most of these work. However, SMILES strings use some characters that are clearly not acceptable in the Frontmatter (e.g. “/” and "", although I suspect there are others.)

I have determined that the SMILES Property is causing the problems: deleting the string for the (subset of) documents where this is an issue restores the Frontmatter for all other Properties.

However, I cannot delete or change the SMILES string, as it is a unique identifier of the small molecule structure, which I need to maintain.

Things I have tried

I have tried adding quotes around the SMILES string, but this is still flagged and the document is shown to have no properties unless I delete the offending characters.

Is there any other workaround? I could wrap the string in any set of character delimiters and remove those characters later with RegExp (before I use the string in a calculation).

I am stuck and would appreciate some help!

Have you tried importing them as inline fields?

Do you have any example(s) of a failing string?

Which tool are you using to import the strings? Can that til do some other magic if need be?

If you look up the rules of YAML (the format that properties are stored in), you may find what you need to do (unfortunately it is quite a complicated spec; if the official docs don’t help, Wikipedia may have a simplified version).

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