Freeze when attempting to preview a .drawio file

Hi =) I just found a bug: Attempting to preview a .drawio file in the attachments folder freezes Obsidian.

Steps to reproduce

  • Detect all file extensions and set a default location for attachments under Settings → Files & Links:

  • Generate a drawing and save it to your attachments directory under the .drawio format, i.e. don’t export the image but use the source format.

  • Navigate to your attachment folder and click on your diagram

This causes the UI to freeze completely.


Obsidian Version: v0.12.19
System: Linux 5.14.12-artix1-1 (X11)

How we can preview drawio format if we don’t support it?

No need to preview it, that’s fine. But clicking on an unsupported file surely shouldn’t freeze the application :slight_smile:

Obsidian routes this request to your OS/desktop environment. This is a setup problem with you system/desktop manager/whatnot and the way it handles opening unsupported files. If instead of .drawio, it was .xxx, you would have the same problem.

You are completely right. How is the request routed to the OS? Do you use xdg-open? This is a facility I don’t personally use on my system, which may cause trouble, as it’s not at all configured properly.

It’s likely that electron uses something standard like xdg-open

Sounds about right. I’ll have a look myself. Thanks for your help!

Kind regards