Freelancers and Marketers, how do you organize take notes?

Hi all, I’m kinda confused as to how I would organize our webinar/seminar notes into my vault (my vault is only 1 for my personal and work and that’s the thing that I will develop over time, but right now I just want to immerse myself into zettelkasten note-taking method).

I know that someday I can use the values from the webinar but I need help on the structure or maybe your system in doing it.

Hi, “help on the structure” isn’t a very specific question. What are you having trouble with?

If it is just general anxiety about getting the structure “correct” up front, I’d say don’t stress about it to begin with. Don’t even necessarily start with Zettelkasten. Just take notes. You can always build up structure after you have enough notes to begin noticing patterns.


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