[FR] Per device option to not sync currently open note state

Use case or problem

When I open Obsidian on my phone, it opens all the notes that were open on my last session (which for me is usually my laptop). This is great. The only problem is I usually have many panes open on my laptop. But on my phone, my screen is so small, anything more than one pane looks like chaos.

Proposed solution

I would like the ability to tell Obsidian, “Please don’t open all those panes when I’m on this device.”

It could be a checkbox in settings with a name like “Sync currently open panes across mobile devices”.

To clarify, I love that it keeps track of my open panes when I switch between say a desktop and an iPad. But on a phone it’s pandemonium.

You can achieve this right now if you don’t sync the workspace file. Obsidian sync doesn’t sync it, for example.

Interesting. Thanks Koala. I’ll see if I can figure out how to do that with iCloud syncing.