[FR] Offer ‘Cancel’ option in Vault settings selections screen

Use case or problem

When accidentally selecting Vault options on iPad there doesn’t seem to be a ‘button’ to cancel out of the screen. Escape doesn’t work on an iPad with screen keyboard, so how’s about adding one? :wink:

Proposed solution

Add Cancel button to screen, please. For those of us with Fat fingers and terrible aim!

Current workaround (optional)

None that I can ‘see’.

Related feature requests (optional)


The way to escape the screen is (as you may know) to select the vault you came from, but I agree, I’d like an obvious “just take me back” option.

Operative words……”the Vault you came from”. Yah, I know that’s a ‘solution’, but My problem (as can be seen from the screen grab) is that I have more than one Vault accumulated over the year(s) of usage and the Vault picker takes up the whole screen. And when things are going smoothly using three iDevices and I have only one with me I tend to forget which Vault I’m currently using. Agreed I could just look at each device but it’s a PITA from my early days of using Obsidian Sync (and my anal inability to clean up my vault structure) that makes having a Cancel button a necessity when I find that my fat fingers have all of a sudden brought me to THAT screen and I only have one machine with me. :scream:!

Yeah, I understand. I only have a few vaults and only use 1 of them often, but I still pause in confusion when I end up on that screen.