Forum should remember scroll position

When I return to a thread after following a link, the forum reloads and loses my scroll position. This is annoying — all the more so because remembering scroll position is a basic browser feature that the forum devs had to work to break.

The obvious workaround is to open links in a new tab or window (which can cause the lesser annoyance of duplicated notifications and confuse the forum software if you start responding to a thread with an unfinished draft in another window).

I know Obsidian’s devs don’t write the forum software, but maybe you can pass the word along.

The community forum for Discourse is here:

Strange though. I don’t have the same experience. Can you explain steps to reproduce this? I just went to an… infamously long thread, and clicked a link. And then hit the back button and it went straight back to where I had been.

As I scroll a thread, the URL changes, storing a number at the end that corresponds to the post I was scrolled to. Do you not have that? It might be something you disabled in your own preferences. Or it might be your browser. I’m on Firefox in Windows at the moment.



Hmm. I’m in Safari on MacOS. I hadn’t really noticed the problem until today, but I often open links in new tabs anyway. Today for whatever reason I just clicked thru on various links.

I often have a bazillion tabs open, so maybe something’s getting pushed out of memory, but my current number of tabs is unusually low, so I don’t know.

I should try restarting the browser.

I restarted the browser. So far I haven’t seen the same behavior. Sometimes I end up somewhere in the middle of the thread. I think the scroll-triggered URL changes that you pointed out don’t always happen immediately. I don’t think that’s what caused the previous problem; I’ll just chalk it up to a passing glitch for now.

I’m going to delete this thread (after a wait so you can maybe see my reply).

Actually, I just managed to reproduce it on List all highlights in document(s) — without community plugins!. It’s a long-ish post. I scrolled to the bottom, clicked a link, came back and found myself at the top of the page. I suspect that Discourse just puts you at the top of whatever post it thinks is current.

Sounds like a feature request for

Meanwhile as a workaround, you can go to your preferences → interface, and set “Open all external links in a new tab”.

Rather, I think since the data could be changed, it refreshes to the url, and the dynamic url is per-post. And your link was only one post, so only one thing to jump to.

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I’ll drop a line to Discourse — thanks.

That doesn’t help with links to other forum posts, which is what I was clicking. But thank you — I forget that this site has a Preferences menu.

Yes, that’s what I was trying to communicate. :slight_smile: I think it’s a bad design, but I can just go back to opening links in new tabs (which I often do — for some reason I was just clicking casually yesterday, which is why I suddenly noticed).