Forum Improvements

First, congratulations on the best forum capability I have ever seen. The ability to create well-formatted proposals is terrific.

Second, there is a huge usability flaw when viewing a post you’ve created in a list of other posts. The “…” button at the bottom lets you get to the edit button, but when you click that button, it is immediately replaced by the trash can, which is at the end of the list of icons that appear. (An inadvertent double-click or hardware flaw, and your request is toast!)

That problem doesn’t occur when the post is viewed by itself, because the edit button is always displayed. So the workaround is to always click the request to get it on a page by itself, and then edit it.

Possible fixes:

  1. Display the icons on posts you’ve written all the time, instead of requiring a gesture to make them appear.
  2. Move the trash can as far away as possible, to the left edge).
  3. Put the most innocous button possible at the right, or maybe the edit butten.
  4. Open the button-list with a slight offset, and replace the “…” icon with spaces, instead of a button.

Third, apparently you get 20 minutes to edit a topic. Not bad, but I nearly lost some important last-minute thoughts that could no longer be added. A warning of some kind would be nice! :__)

This forum is using as a software, most of these can only be adressed by them.
(or by creating a PR since it is open source)

Only your last point might be possible to configure on the side of Obsidian.

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Got it. Thanks. (I’m looking for a thumbs-up button. Don’t see one. :__)

It’s a heart.

Also, it’s helpful to title posts more specifically (in this case, something like “Forum: Move ‘delete this post’ icon in list view to prevent accidental use’” — tho as mentioned there might not be much the admins can do about this request).

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Doh! There the heart is. Wish they’d stop putting things right in front of me, where I can’t miss them. So embarassing when I do!

Thanks, Joethei. I sent an email to the folks at I looked at their GitHub pages, but didn’t see anything called a “PR”. So I suspect my lack of understanding sent the message to the wrong place. Is PR a “product request”? (If so, the contact-email I sent might be sufficient.)

In the Open Source world a Pull Request is often refered to as a PR.

A Pull Request would be you changing the code of discource, and then sending it over to them to include in the next version of the product.
That would require you to know how to fix this in code, and why I put it in brackets, since not everyone knows how to code.

Thanks, Joethei. I used to code, but chops are rusty. Don’t know their codebase either, other than the fact that it uses Ruby (which I love, but the rust is deep…)