Forum: Improve button palcements when writing a new topic in full screen mode

Hi, I’m not sure if this is something that can be customised in the forum’s layout or not, or if it’s only changeable by the authority that develops the forum software.

I have two issues with the forum, that both are related to writing new topics.

1. Your topic is similar to… hides the full screen button

I’d like to compose new topics in full screen mode. But if I’m writing about a feature request or a bug report, I’d like to keep an eye on the Your topic is similar to… listing too. I want to use the full screen mode to have more convenience in typing longer texts, attaching screenshots etc. It’s also good for the Your topic is similar to… feature: the more I type, the better results the listing can provide me. But I need to close this listing in order to be able to click the full screen button, which is located near the place that I’ve marked with red color.

2. Create topic button is not visible in full screen mode

The full screen mode hides away the Create topic button. I think the same happens also when replying to an existing topic. I need to first exit the full screen mode, and then the button is accessible.