Forum: Add a link to website's home page

I searched high and low, but didn’t find a link to the home page of . And by high and low I mean: the header (contains the Obsidian logo, which acts as a link to the forum’s front page) and the footer (well, which actually doesn’t exist :slight_smile: ).

I think that the current link to the forum’s home page is good to be in place (I use it often). But I would change it a bit to make more sense with a new link to I’d place the new link to the left of the forum’s home page link and think about good names for both of the links.

For example: | Forum home

Or something else?

Top idea.

There is a link from the hamburger menu (top right) > About > scroll to the bottom of the page > Contact us:

In the event of a critical issue or urgent matter affecting this site, please contact us at

(I also wish I could find a ‘light’ option for reading the forum.)


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Thanks! And speaking of the hamburger menu: I’d love to see the new link to be in a prominent place. Some people might like to put new links into the existing hamburger menu, but for an important link like this, I think it should be easily accessible. :slight_smile:

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Agree completely. Often come to the forum and then want to visit the main site. Do have a bookmark in Safari, but would welcome an easily accessible link from the forum to the main Obsidian site.


Find it in your profile → Preferences → Interface.

Side note: this forum uses Discourse.

Thanks. I rarely sign in (shared devices). Wish there was a simple light / dark toggle on the home screen, without signing in.