Formatting in custom display text for internal link

What I’m trying to do

Get formatting in the display text for an internal link, like [[my-page|_italicized text_]]

Things I have tried

What I wrote above.

What happens

Unfortunately, when rendered (either in live preview or reading view), this is just rendered as the literal _italicized text_ and not italicized text.


It seems to be possible to use [markdown](_links_) instead — they’re rendered correctly — but I’d rather use the [[internal link|syntax]] if possible.

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The FR is here:

Looks like you posted there a bit ago but maybe forgot. I’ve certainly done that a few times :sweat_smile:

Would putting the asterisks or underscores outside the link work for you? That appears to work, but may need some CSS for a custom bold or italic color.

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Thank you. The issue is when I want to apply formatting to only part of the alias, like [[note|*my* **note**]], and also it doesn’t work with monospace.

Since the other thread exists (and apparently I even commented on it a while back, so this isn’t the first time I’ve wished for this functionality; guess I couldn’t find it again when I searched) I suggest closing this thread and just referring to that one.

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