Formats for linked docs

Hi, I’ve used Importer to bring in various notes from Evernote. When there is a link to a document, I’ve noticed these are presented in oval blocks as shown in the pic below.

My question is, how do I create these links in blocks? When I create a link myself, it does not look like those in the pic


What does it look like in Source mode? (Note menu — the 3 dots at upper right > Source mode)

Hi, thanks. In source mode it looks like this…

Other wise it looks like this…

Ah, that’s an embed.

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Lovely! Thanks.

So, if I link a word document or excel vs embedding them, is the difference simply how the link visually appears in the note? ie links are just text, embeds are a long oval ‘button’, with text in it.

The help file you linked to says “By embedding files in your notes, you can reuse content across your vault.” What does this mean exactly? Whether I embed then or not, surely they are usable across my vault


If you embed a note, the content of the note appears. Same for PDFs and images. Your docx file doesn’t show its content because Obsidian doesn’t support that file type.

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