Format Toolbar?

I have found Obsidian today and it’s the tool i have waited for. What i miss a little bit, is a toolbar with some basic formatting buttons like bold, italic, heading, code and some more… I have searched in the options to enable such a bar, but i couldn’t find a option for this. Is such a toolbar included in the application?

Speaking of buttons… i often use code blocks and want to specify the language for the codeblock, like PHP, CSS, SQL or bash. I know that i can add the type of the block manually, but i would prefer it to have a list of supported codeblocks. For example, when i type the letter P, that i get a list of supported codes starting with letter P. Is such thing planned or exists somewhere?

the cMenu plugin adds formatting buttons.

For code blocks checkout Best way to create code blocks

I use the admonition plugin with a hotkey to insert a code blocks.
You could theoretically use that plugin to customize different code blocks for php, sql, etc. You would just have to manually remove the ad- prefix.
Or fork the plugin to create your own …


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