Format live preview more like reader view

I like the idea of live preview, to “get the best of both worlds” where I edit markdown like in source view but it is displayed as reader view.

However, I don’t really like the visual style of the new live preview mode. I guess the idea is that the layout should be like source view to avoid having things “jump around” on screen when moving te cursor through the document.

Personally, I find the layout and formatting of reader view much more appealing. The margins and indents are nicer. Even the fonts look nicer (at least on my Mac). It is simply easier to read the text in reader view. I would much prefer if live preview looked like the reader view. Ideally, there should be no need to ever switch to reader view.

So my request is to make live preview look (more) like reader view, or at least to make it more visually appealing and easier to read.

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I agree. I have been trying to make live preview look like reader view by modifying style sheets, but it has been very difficult. It would be nice to have it as a simple toggle option.