Forced uninstall a plugin from the filesystem?

I have a problem with the Gallery Plugin (I have a very large vault and the plugin probably runs out of memory). Every time I try to disable/deinstall the plugin Obsidian freeze before I can do it.

Is there a way to turn off a plugin by editing a config file so it won’t start the next time I open the app ?

Yes, you can:

(Backup first to be safest.)

  1. Make sure Obsidian is closed. Go into YourVault/.obsidian/plugins - there you can find the plugin folder, and just delete it.
  2. YourVault/.obsidian/community-plugins.json - This is the file that lists installed plugins. You can delete that line. Just be careful with JSON format. There needs to be a comma at the end of every line, EXCEPT the last one. Like this:



@rigmarole it works. Many thanks !