Force Obsidian to ignore Backticks


I am trying Obsidian for writing and organising research drafts. I write in LaTeX, so I have a lot of backticks (`) in my drafts.

For example, I regularly need to include footnote citation code in my drafts, such as \footnote{Author, `Article title’} (Don’t ask me why I’m not using BibLaTeX for this, it is a long and painful story. But the key point is that I need to hard-code all my citations, and all citations contain a backtick).

The backticks are causing me some trouble, because Obsidian thinks that they are the start of a code block.

I have tried wrapping my LaTeX code in three backticks, but this does not solve the problem.

Does anyone have a suitable workaround that would allow me to paste LaTeX code and make Obsidian not think that any backtick is the start of a code block?

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