For theming, how can I work with the bottom toolbar on iPhone? Can I view it in the desktop app's mobile emulation?

This bottom toolbar on iPhone, it doesn’t show up in mobile emulation and I would like to theme it.

In the console window there is a mobile icon near the arrow (top left corner) in the console window

Yeah I figured it out yesterday, but I noticed that after tapping on the note and showing the editing tooblar in a note for the first time, the navigation toolbar won’t show up again. Would you know how to make it show up again after tapping out of a note like on iPhone?

My advice is, get used to navigate the console. Also don’t use LP but RV

You need :

.is-phone is for phones,
.is-tablet is for tablets and .is-mobile valid for both tablet & phone ( valid x both iphone, android)

  • Are you saying I should change the classes in body to those to get the UIs I want?
  • What’s LP and RV?
  • And what else Should I know?

I’d like you to be clear and elaborate.

I don’t know what you wanna change so i can give just generic hints. Also, i didn’t see anything of your code so far

What i wanna say is, if you’re serious about theming, consider that theming takes some time, don’t be discouraged :slightly_smiling_face:
Also, 95% is self exploration, bc just there the fun begins, 5% are tips from others.
Example: .mobile-navbar {
  background-color: #a96165;

OK but that doesn’t answer my first two questions.