For iCloud drive synced vaults with Optimize Mac Storage on, is it possible to not have it optimize your vault folder?

I have the Optimize Mac Storage setting enabled, which offloads files that I haven’t used for a while. This is great, but not so much for my obsidian vault! Has anyone discovered a way to keep that setting on, but to tell macos to leave a particular folder (ie: my vault) alone?

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Same problem here.

I have the same issue.

After a little more digging I can’t find a way to manage this folder by folder, but you can stop optimizing and still using iCloud. This is different from your question, but this is what I ended up doing. How to Enable or Disable Optimize Mac Storage - MacRumors

I’ve read something around the topic of automatically editing the modification date of a folder, in order to make iCloud have it be locally saved all the time.

Didn’t look into it deeper and not tech savvy enough to do that myself though :wink:
But I could imagine an automator script performing an hourly micro-edit of a file to keep it on local HDD.

I believe on iOS, you can ‘favorite’ a folder to keep it local.

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If i have my facts straight, what needs to happen here is for obsidian to be aware of desynced files.

A file that had been offloaded is replaced by a file with the same name and .icloud file extension. Obsidian needs to spot this file and trigger a download.

I had to deal with this once when i wrote and was relying on a script that periodically moved files, those in the iCloud folder could be desynced.