Footnotes as Sidenotes

I’m playing with a custom CSS a bit and try to replicate the Tufte CSS theme (Tufte CSS). One thing I can’t get working are the sidenotes.
Does someone know how to achieve this in Obsidian?


God i want that so much. Is what i always did, still do when i use Notion and what i miss most about OneNote.

Some hackways of achieving something close to it would be tables or a fold (bullet point or headings, with the settings set to fold then), but wouldnt be the same. A 2 collum table can work but it would squeeze both contents (and would require part of the main text to be inside of the table). Making a bullet point for folding you could write the sidenote bellow it, and it would be hideable (folding the bullet point).

+1 for a snippet that helps with that, or a theme, anything

I was more thinking about using the footnotes as sidenotes because it makes to me more sense to see them right were they got referenced then at the bottom of a long document.

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+1 for this, that would be incredible!

I would also love this.

That would be great! But no idea how to do it…

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I found a great article on Gwern Branwen’s Website on different ways to implement sidenotes. This might be some help for tinkering.

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Looks interesting I’ll have a look at it.

I have shared this css snippet that may help you achieve what you want though it doesn’t make use of footnotes.