Footnote titles don't update if they aren't already tagged in the note

  • I had a [[Literature Note]] opened.
  • I created a [[New Note]] from it
  • I added that [[Literature Note]] as a [^1]: footnote at the bottom of said [[New Note]]
  • I then changed the title of the [[Literature Note]] to [[:open_book: Literature Note]]
  • The [^1]: [[Literature Note]] footnote in the [[New Note]] did not update to [^1]: [[:open_book: Literature Note]]

IF the [^1]: [[Literature Note]] footnote is tagged[^1] elsewhere in the [[New Note]] already, the footnote will update. Otherwise it will not.

If the footnote is not tagged, it doesn’t even appear in linked mentions.

Please open a FR asking for unreferenced footnotes to be handled by linked mentions (and consequently the note rename will work).

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