Footnote formatting in Live Preview

Is there some reason that footnotes look different in Live Preview and Reading view? Of all the markdown elements that get reformatted in Live Preview, only footnotes still look like raw markdown. Is there some easy CSS snippet or theme that removes carats from footnotes in Live Preview?


I think it is down to the compute load being high if Obsidian has to constantly monitor, number, and renumber footnotes as they are created, edited, and deleted—simpler for this to be done in reading mode when the numbering can be parsed in a single instance. There is a feature request in relation to this:

Live Preview: Add support for footnotes - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

Interesting. The feature request seems slightly different from what I’d personally like. I’d be very happy with a “dumb” form of Live Preview, which just takes the literal number within a [^n] or [^n]: and removed the carat and otherwise formats it appropriately, leaving me to manage numbering manually. This is how Typora does it.


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