Folgezettel / Following note

For the Zettelkasten method it is paramount to be able to easily start a new Folgezettel / following note when writing. I would therefore like to have a feature, where one can use a shortcut to

  1. create a new note in the same folder as the current note
  2. put links at the end of the previous note and the top of the new note, linking each other

I think for the Folgezettel it is important to have both directions as ‘hard link’.

One can of course do this by hand already, but it would be more convenient to just press some shortcut.


This routine is easy to implement in some keyboard automation program like AutoHotkey(on Windows) except detecting “the same folder”, which would be solved by implementation of Command/hotkey to copy full path into clipboard
keywords: macro, Keyboard Maestro


in the Archive The Archive or in sublime_zk you could mark an entry and the create a new Folgezettel with shift+return.

The new note can have a template. It would be very nice, if the zettelkasten plugin has following features:

  1. If a text ist marked and then shift+return is pressed, a new zettel is createtd with following syntax:

fubar -> shift+return-> creates: YYYYMMDDHHMM fubar

  1. In the mother-zettel a link to the new zettel is created at the point, where the old word fubar is located. Like is: [[ YYYYMMDDHHMM fubar | fubar ]]

  2. In the new file the headline is set to # fubar

  3. At the end of the new zettel, a referer to the old mother-zettel is set.

Optional: an empty tag field is set.

Would this be possible?



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Update: Necessary commands for implementation of this are available since Obsidian Release v0.8.13.
URL scheme for opening automatically created note in Obsidian by macro (AutoHotkey / Keyboard Maestro) is available since Obsidian Release v0.8.15.

so I can archive this topic?

@WhiteNoise I do not mind. If @MrBubu, @jeroen, @santi or other voters still want it, I think it could be at least recategorized as a “plugin idea” since the requested specific sequence of steps can be composed from already available commands by a plugin or even by AutoHotkey.

yeah this would be really useful as a plug in

Dear @malecjan, total noob here. Could you explain how this might be implemented?

Hey @Zigulle have you found an other solution to the Folgezettel problem in Obsidian? I am really curious!

@Jaroslove I did not learn to create Obsidian plugins yet.
In AutoHotkey I would most likely just simulate sequence of otherwise manual steps. (triggered by custom hotkey)
I personally do not have need to implement this. But if more people are interested and no one can build the plugin, then I could compose AutoHotkey workaround if you need it.

Edit 2021-12-31: AutoHotkey is for Windows. For MacOS, there are alternatives Keyboard Maestro or . Some people on this forum are familiar with them, I am not.


Would be available for MacOS too?