Folders & subfolders & notes are moving to right side

Steps to reproduce



Expected result

Yesterday, when I collapse & open my folders, it was not moving to the right side. Now it is moving every time I open a folder and it makes it impossible to see the note name. Terrible UX mistake if this is an update.
I divide my monitor and put the browser on the left, and obsidian on the right side. But I cannot see the folder and notes to create some other notes into right folder for example because IT IS MOVING TO RIGHT SIDE EVERY TIME I CLICK.

Actual result

It should not move to the right side every time I click on the folder.


Windows 10
Current Version of Obsidian: v1.3.4
Installer version: v1.2.8

It happens to me too. Also in bookmarks tree. Folders and files just shift left and right unpredictably.

Someone mentioned on Discord it was the Obsidianite theme causing it for them. Could be that or something else.

Please follow the BR template and debug steps before posting a bug report.

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  • We’ve redesigned all the tree components (e.g. File Explorer, Outline view) to make the visual hierarchy more clear. If you are using a custom theme, make sure to update it (Settings → Appearance → Check for updates) in case it was impacted at all.

You are right, it is about the Obsidianite theme. Though I like the theme, I had to remove it and use another one now.

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I fixed this bug in my theme for version 1.3.3 only for it to show up again in version 1.3.4. I just finished debugging it again for 1.3.4. The solution for me was to remove transition animations from the .tree-item-self:hover class. Not sure why this fixes the problem though. Will be patching this into my theme tonight, hoping they don’t change anything again for 1.3.5.

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