Folders being moved when expand/collapse button is pressed

When i click the arrow the collapse and expand folders… sometimes the folder is being moved up one directory. no idea why this is happening. i have tried it with theme set to default and with all community plugins disabled.

not really sure how i can keep using this until i figure out what is causing this.

the most recent thing i had done prior to this was disable the feature in the folder-notes plugin that creates folder-notes for all new folders. but i dont know why that woudl hav this outcome especially after turning off all plugins and restarting.

would appreciate any help! for now i’ve durned off sync to at least not propagate any new issues.

looks like i cant upload videos so here is a link:


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apologies for the incorrect format the first time around

Steps to reproduce

drop a folder hierarchy into the sandbox vault click the expand collapse arrows up and down the file explorer

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Expected result

expected result would be that no folders move.

Actual result

folders get moved one directory up and i cant see why
here is another video of it happening in the sandbox (i copied a set of folders into it to show, it wont happen to top level folders):


this is in the sandbox with no community plugins

What kind of input are you using? A tablet or trackball perhaps? The cursor seems to be moving as you click.

yes @rigmarole you are correct, a track ball. as @WhiteNoise suggested this may be “user error” in the sense that I do appear to be moving the ball some I think there is something going on with the sensitivity or something that detects movement because ive been using trackball mice for over a decade and confident im using it “normally” even if that does mean there are very small wiggles while clicking.

thanks for the help ill try to keep from doing any wiggling

That could definitely explain it. I use a Wacom tablet, and there are sometimes apps or web-apps which have extreme 1-pixel sensitivity. I haven’t noticed this problem for me in Obsidian. But it’s a very common problem in my experience.

I can’t tell how many pixels is triggering the drag, but I can tell it’s a bit more than 1. Maybe 3 pixels. Whereas in Windows Explorer, it seems to be more like 5 pixels in one axis. In MacOS I think it is 4 pixels. (In my very unscientific assessment.)

WhiteNoise didn’t say “user error”, just pointing out what was happening, so don’t blame yourself. :slight_smile: If the threshold is too low, that can definitely be an annoying usability issue worth discussing!

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