Folder overview...optional topic?


I’m new. Recently, when I start OBBY, I get a popup message that makes no sense:

"Since v0.13.0, folder overview (folderv) has become an opional component that requires a dedicated plugin,

Go to Folder Overview Section of the Setting Tab to install"


I have no idea what this means. I can’t find a “Folder Overview Section” in settings or anywhere else. Nothing when I search for plugins. Anyone know what I am supposed to do? Thanks!

Good day

I had the same pop-up occur, and did the following:

  • Installed and enabled (under ‘Settings → Community Plugins’): “AidenLx’s Folder note - folderv component” plugin
  • Updated “AidenLx’s Folder Note” plugin
  • restarted Obsidian and the pop-up did not reappear

I hope this helps!

Kevin Pillay

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