Folder of Tags or Tags of Tags

Hi there, I’m still new to Obsidian and was looking for this feature.

What I basically need is a kind of folder view wherein I can sort the same note into multiple places. E.g. a note should be displayed in folder “Bookreviews” and in folder “Philosophy Bachelor Thesis”. Without creating two notes, I still want to just edit one note.

I’m coming over from “Tagging for Windows” where I can just create tags as a kind of folder structure. Those tags can also be tagged, e.g. the “2019” tag can show up under “taxes” and under “medical”.

It allows me to not decide if a certain note goes in Place A or Place B: When it would fit both it appears in both “folders”, when I tag the file with the respectable Place A and Place B.

@niceToSeeYou I’m currently looking at tagfolder and DataView but I’m a bit overwhelmed. Is what I’m looking for possible with these plugins?