Folder Note Plugin: Add description note to folder

Is anyone else having an issue with AidenLx’s Folder Note? I am unable to click the folder notes in the file tree, I can only browse the file tree the old fashioned way. This is happening on both OSX and mobile, with the Minimal theme. I’m on the latest version of Obsidian and all the plugins are updated.

Hi @exaltcovert,

this problem is known, reported and discussed in github under #134: Folder notes no longer open when clicking on the folder (Obsidian Desktop v1.5.4)

To simplify the life of not advanced users I’ve recently created a patched copy of the alx-folder-note and exposed it for easy installation with the well known BRAT plugin. The repository name to use in BRAT is

All details and the background are clarified in my comment under #134 and in the updated readme of GitHub - SebastianMC/alx-folder-note

Hopefully this will make our life easier until the author applies relevant fixes onto the main repository.

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As a workaround, I’ve found right-clicking on the folder and selecting “open folder note” does the job.

Thank you so much!