Folder goes missing and I'm unable to use the name

Hey there!

I’ve had this issue happen to me a couple of times:

1. A folder goes missing. I’ve looked in all the other folders, I’ve checked the trash, I’ve done an Alfred search to make sure it didn’t get moved somewhere. The most recent example is actually my Daily Notes folder.

2. I try to name a new folder with the same name and receive an error message. In this recent example, my folder is named .Creation Notes . I came into my vault and it was gone, which sucked, but hey, life goes on. I created a new folder, tried to give it the same name, and I receive “Destination File already exists!”, thus preventing me from using the same name.

Any ideas as to what is happening/where else I haven’t looked to see if it’s still somewhere in my hard drive?

Foder that begin with . are hidden. This is mac standard that obsidian follows. Obsidian does not show folders that begin with a .

@WhiteNoise AH! That makes sense then. Thanks so much for your help. I found it. :slight_smile: