Folder autocomplete suggestions appear way off

Steps to reproduce

Make the app windows small enough so that it affects the height of the Settings window. Try to edit the folder path for Attachments, for example.

Expected result

Autocomplete suggestions appear just below the input field

Actual result

Autocomplete suggestions appear a lot lower than the input field.


  • Operating system: MacOS, Windws
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.13

Additional information

There is a screen recording in the insider channel.

This should be fixed in 0.8.14.
Let me know if you still have this.

Fixed, thank you!

I can still break it if I resize the app window while the suggestion is there already, like type β€œatt” in the example above and resize. Pop up will stay in place while everything else is redrawn. But it repositions as I type another letter. The scenario itself is awkward too, not even sure it needs to be considered for a fix.

we are gonna live with it for now

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