Folder appears in link in some nodes, but shows only the node name in others

I created automatically a page linking to two authors plus topics related to a book. In some cases the link appears as [[topic/Biology]] while others simply as [[Evolution]]. Both links are in the same folder, none of them has aliases. In my view, the display should be consistant, preferably without folders for any of them.

Deleting the link with the folder name and adding it again shows it without folder.

Do you have another note named “Biology” in your vault? Obsidian adds the full path to link to distinguish between identical names. But maybe this isn’t what you’re seeing, since it behaves differently when you rewrite the link.

Do you see this behavior when you turn on Restricted Mode (in Settings > Community Plug-ins) and restart?

No I don’t. The same happens with authors and other topics.

In this case both authors have similar files in the same folder, but they appear differently.

This happens when you have (or had at time) multiple notes with the same filename in different directories. If it happens in other circumstantiates, please open another bug report, follow the template, and provide reproducible steps in the sandbox vault.