Fold one heading at a time?

Things I have tried

I have a simple task list that I update at the end/beginning of each day, saving each day under a heading consisting of the date. When I unfold the current day’s list every heading in the list is unfolded.

What I’m trying to do

I would like unfold a single heading without unfolding every heading in a list of headings.

Have you tried it with community plugins turned off, and the default theme? Or if you paste the same content into the Sandbox vault, does it happen there?

How are you unfolding, specifically? With the mouse, a hotkey, a command?

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m not gonna try them at this time. Ideas are coming. I want to keep working. I will do so later today. I see community plugins can be turned off, the default theme activated. I’m not familiar with the “sandbox vault.”

I’ve tried folding a single heading two ways: tapping at the left end of the heading; with the “toggle fold at current line” on the editor toolbar.

I don’t see this behavior when I tap the left side of a header (on iOS, will check Mac later). I think I used to, but I’m not sure.

The sandbox vault is a special default vault that resets itself every each time it’s opened. It’s in the help menu in the desktop version and doesn’t exist on mobile.

Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind, though I’m mostly on mobile.

I said I would try your suggestions, but I’ve decided to do my to dos, which was where I wanted to fold one heading at a time, outside of Obsidian. So I’m not experiencing the problem at the moment. I’ll keep them in mind in case the problem reoccurs.

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