Focus on active line setting in editor, how do I turn it off!?

Things I have tried

I have searched and searched through all of the settings in both core and community plugins over and over again and have not been able to find how to disable this setting. And I’ve searched the forum and help documentation.

What I’m trying to do

At some point I modified a setting that does the following: While in edit mode, the active line of text remains the normal font color/opacity while all other lines of text fade out (or their opacity changes to make them less visible) so they are less visible and the focus is on the active line. I’d like to change this setting back. And for the life of me, I cannot find it. I am currently using the Minimal Theme. I have the Minimal Theme Settings plugin activated and use it to control various elements (fonts, colors, sizes, etc.). I also have the Style Settings plugin active and use it as well for other theme attributes. Does anyone have any idea how to change it back!? Thanks in advance!

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