Focus (Hoist) a folder in the vault

Would like to be able to double-click a folder in the current vault to focus it (e…g, hoist it) so that it appears as the current top level folder in the folder view.


Not sure if double-click should be the action to activate the hoisting but to be able to hoist the tree would be great. I use this a lot in Trilium Notes … helps with the focus.

Super agree! +1

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Adding +1 for this. I was going to add this request if not already posted.

To clarify I mean hoisting in the file tree viewer. If tag groups is ever implemented then hoisting in the tag list would be great and if outliner in the editor becomes native then of course hoisting in the editor also.

Hoisting everywhere you want to be!


+1 - maybe a plugin?

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YES! Amazing Idea! +1
Though, I’d say the interaction should be a right click

  • Opens right click menu
  • Select option “Focus Folder”
  • Opens a new file explorer in the same pane as the main explorer.

(Side Bar: It may make more sense to change the main file explorer pane to be a vault or File cabinet icon. Since that really is what it represents. Then have the file icon for focused folders)

I tend to really like having well sorted files. But that requires loads of them when I want to keep my life inside Obsidian. So my main Vault is a bit overwhelming sometimes. This would really be an incredible feature for my brain.



This looks old, but here is another +1.
this is a key part of my work flow… I will need to figure out a work around. It is great to be able to focus on one part of a larger document

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As I really needed this kind of behaviour in any form, I have created a plugin:

It is a quick solution and possibly could be improved (support welcome), but right now provides what I need :slight_smile:


It would be nice to have the ability to focus on one folder and hide temporary all other folders. Just like Workflowy does with bullet points. When you go and click on a bullet point in workflowy, then it becomes the main title and all points that are not underneath it are hidden. So it would be a nice feature to do the same thing but with folders inside obsidian, when you click on a folder, than all folders, that are not subfolders of this one would be hidden. This would allow to focus on a specific thing to do that is in that folder without any distractions and no need to search for a folder when you have many of them.


I understand what you are getting at and could see some benefits.

In case you are interested, I made a feature request for showing the entire vault in a flat mode (without folders, just the files). Here’s the link: Flat view - Folder toggle - (mode to only show files in Explorer pane)


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An all notes view would be also a nice feature. But I do like the folder structure, I’m just creating too much folders and sub-folders :sweat_smile: , so it is easy to lose focus, when I work with just one of them, or jump between only two of them and have to search for that specific folder every time.

I just realize that the ability to star a whole folder with it’s sub-directories could be sufficient as well.

I also think that would be a really useful feature. And since it is already like this in Workflowy, I hope that the developers realize its importance and we will soon see it in the roadmap.

By the way, I’ve found a similar feature request. I wonder if its possible to merge these topics somehow.


Provided a solution in form of a really simple, quickly-made plugin on the mentioned feature request: Focus (Hoist) a folder in the vault - #2 by johw :slight_smile:

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The plugin shows up, but fails to load when enabling.

I got folder focus plugin to enable this morning. Looks good. Thanks for making a solution to a long standing feature request.
I added a bug report, with a video, to show a display issue with a long file list.

Hey thanks for this plugin !
I wonder if that could apply with more context…
For example, when you focus on a folder, also the tags are filtered so only the ones present in that folder (and subfolders) are shown in the tag view.
That could apply to search also.
Of course that would be a configuration option.
The idea is that focus could make a more complete ‘context switch’.
Sounds like something doable or useful ?

As of Aug 2023, the plugin doesn’t filter the files when executing the fuzzy search with CMD+o.