Focus commands do not enable markdown previews' scrollbar

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open multiple panes, some in edit, some in preview (preview content and/or screen sized so as to have enough content to scroll)
  2. Use the “focus pane to the right/left/up/down” commands to move from a source pane to a preview pane next to it
  3. Use the page up/down keys or arrow keys to try to scroll the preview content

Expected result

Preview content should scroll in response to the arrows or page up/down keys

Actual result

Content does not scroll; instead, the content of the last-accessed pane containing a source mode note responds to the page up/down keystrokes. (Or sometimes, another preview pane, if that pane has been clicked on, and the target pane has not.)


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.1

Additional information

The scrollbars work normally if you click into the pane rather than using keyboard commands. They also work normally if the pane is in source mode. They only fail if the active pane is in preview mode, and you activated the pane using keyboard commands.

is it this ?

Yep. Sorry about the dupe; guess I used the wrong keywords to search.

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