Floating Settings window

Use case or problem

When activating plugins or CSS snippets I always have to get out of the Settings window to be able to see the results while the settings are activated right away (I can see changes behind the settings window).

Proposed solution

My preferred solution would be a floating Settings window that I can place outside/besides the main Obsidian window so that I can see changes right away.


I would like to second this request. I’m sure the dev work wouldn’t be the simplest task but hopefully some of the groundwork has been laid now that Obsidian has pop out windows.


You could:

  1. Use the “Move to a new window” command to open a note in a floating window.
  2. Open settings in one of the windows.

Now you have two Obsidian windows. One can be the settings window where you can make changes and the other can be where you see those changes immediately.

A couple of issues I discovered with this workaround:

It seems like Obsidian only allows one “overlay” window in itʻs interface at a time. (By overlay window, I mean one of the windows that is in the Obsidian Electron interface, not a Windows or Mac window. For example, the settings window, or the “Quick Switcher” window, or the “Command Palette” window.)

In other words, if you keep your settings window working in a floating popout window (that is, another macOS window) then you wonʻt be able to use the “Quick Switcher” window or the “Command Palette” window until you first close the “Settings” window.

Hope thatʻs not too confusing. Point is this workaround will allow you to do what youʻre looking to do, but there are some trade-offs.

I really wondered how im the only one this issue is bothering, seems like no, it seems like Obsidian is the only program i know of that have a window locked on top without ability to move it. Would be really great if it would be fixed.
Thanks for all your valuable work!

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Use case or problem

Learning by doing/trying what you see could be much easier. I did not find a question/answer like this one.

Proposed solution

Hi, I just signed up for VIP and am happy to support you guys. I am not sure where to submit a feature request/issue - but after going through a super-newbie learning stage - I think this is a good one.

As I’ve learned the product I’ve been doing a lot of copying: copying what I see in youtube videos, copying what I see in other users’ vaults that I purchased, etc.

It required a lot of granular back-n-forth.

One thing I found unnecessarily challenging was the popup modal for settings. I kept needing to learn by viewing what I had seen, and then I tried to implement. However, when the settings modal popped up I could not navigate the program to implement what I saw, so I had to close it. And then I had to renavigate to that area (almost always plugins) and try it.

It was more difficult than needed and while this is not a “cool” suggested feature, it would really help new users (like I have been for the last month) and, I think, users in general, particular with so much value coming in the way of plugins and community plugins.

I would encourage - particularly for future new users - that the settings window could both (1) be moved, and (2) operate independently of the program. In other words, while the settings window may be the “top” window, you could still independently operate the Obsidian program - so much easier for learning by doing.

Night night!

Current workaround (optional)

The workaround is to go back-n-forth. Close out the setting window often. I’ve loaded enough plugins that I find myself writing them down in Notepad to revisit them when I reopen settings.

Related feature requests (optional)

A related feature request would be a sort (and potentially filter) function when viewing plugins/community plugins.

I think you should strongly prioritize ease-of-use for plugin learning, browsing, navigation - those plugins SEEM to be your killer value-add; at least they have been for me. Right now there are nearly 800. Tracking which are new, recent, update, etc. - is note easy.

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Workaround: use the Hotkey Helper plugin and set some keyboard shortcuts.
You will be flying…