Floating Settings window

Use case or problem

When activating plugins or CSS snippets I always have to get out of the Settings window to be able to see the results while the settings are activated right away (I can see changes behind the settings window).

Proposed solution

My preferred solution would be a floating Settings window that I can place outside/besides the main Obsidian window so that I can see changes right away.


I would like to second this request. I’m sure the dev work wouldn’t be the simplest task but hopefully some of the groundwork has been laid now that Obsidian has pop out windows.


You could:

  1. Use the “Move to a new window” command to open a note in a floating window.
  2. Open settings in one of the windows.

Now you have two Obsidian windows. One can be the settings window where you can make changes and the other can be where you see those changes immediately.

A couple of issues I discovered with this workaround:

It seems like Obsidian only allows one “overlay” window in itʻs interface at a time. (By overlay window, I mean one of the windows that is in the Obsidian Electron interface, not a Windows or Mac window. For example, the settings window, or the “Quick Switcher” window, or the “Command Palette” window.)

In other words, if you keep your settings window working in a floating popout window (that is, another macOS window) then you wonʻt be able to use the “Quick Switcher” window or the “Command Palette” window until you first close the “Settings” window.

Hope thatʻs not too confusing. Point is this workaround will allow you to do what youʻre looking to do, but there are some trade-offs.