Floating \ Pop-out \ Multiple windows of the same vault

+1 from me. I’d really appreciate the ability to have some way to pop out a pane into a new window.


+1 - this would be incredibly useful and really feels like something that would be available already (I understand there are technical constraints!)


This thread has been here for more than a year, and I am sure the dev know about it.

Nevertheless, I wanted, +1 it, as the lack of this feature has contributed to me abandoning Obsidian for a long while.


+1 for use across multiple monitors.

I edit the same files from both NotePlan and Obsidian as a workaround.


+1 really!


Need this normal feature.


+1 from me too


Just want to +1 this basic feature.


I opened this issue, but I’m going to unsub from it shortly, because I’ve now moved from Obsidian to Foam — largely motivated by this issue and by the lack of tabbed editors in Obsidian, as the pane-only thing was also starting to drive me bonkers (I know there’s a plugin for tabs, but it seems… weird; really really weird).

Foam is basically a collection of extensions for VSCode, which is a powerful and extensible text editor aimed at programmers. Foam is still in preview and rough around the edges, and I had to put in quite a bit of effort to get it working how I wanted, but now I’ve very happy with it. It’s probably only really an option for programmers / people who are willing to get up to their elbows in config/tweaking, but could be worth a look if you’re in that category — particularly if VSCode is already part of your workflow.

Please don’t read this as “Obsidian sux, everyone move to Foam lol”, because that is absolutely not my message here. Foam definitely has its own issues, and the multi-window story in VSCode isn’t ideal either — but for me at least it’s considerably less suboptimal than Obsidian’s (e.g. workspaces are a less-bad kludge than “a bunch of nested folders”, which I still can’t honestly believe people were proposing with a straight face TBH).

To conclude: Best of luck to Obsidian and all who sail in her. It’s a cool tool which I know works really well for many people, and it has the potential to be even greater in time — but for me I’ve found something that fits my skillset and workflow better. Adieu. :vulcan_salute:


+1 (please please please add this)

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+1. This seems really needed. Sad to see OP move to a competitor app

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I miss being able to use 2 screens.

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Please stop it with the plus +1s. They’re discouraged in the guidelines too.

It’s annoying to get notifications for them and to have to scroll past a wall of them in general. It won’t get you any closer to this feature either.


Saw this today. A pretty neat solution for communicating between electron windows: Introducing Portal Windows for Electron

Wonder if something like this could be ported to work with obsidian to allow multiple windows for a single vault.


This worked perfectly, thank you. For other people’s reference: You can also edit in both windows and it will “sync” between the two in real time.

This is exactly what I was looking for, but it’s just not able to be done natively. This simple workaround achieves it.

Hi Folks,
I’m using (up to 6 monitors sometimes…bear with me :slight_smile: ) and I was frustrated about this missing feature.

So I spend some hours and I created the magic trick that closes the gaps with the workaround via symlinks…

Basically, I created a plugin that allows to sync 2 (or more) Obsidian’s instances. So if you open a file on the main instance, it will be automatically opened in a second Obsidian’s instance (in my case configured to have a local graph in full screen)…

well… IT WORKS :slight_smile: and I-m happy!..

The plugin is far from being perfect, but it seems working :slight_smile:

Let me know your thoughts…

Here the link to my repo:

you can download it and copy/past to the plugin director (in both the vaults… the main vault and the “mirror” vault of the second Obsidian)…

I created a pull request to publish this plugin in the official supported plugin list… let’s see when they approve it!



OMG thank you thank you thank you!!!
PS mind helping a newbie?: how could I keep the graph view constant while editing a file?
graphview in mirror, editing in main ?

If anyone in this thread has abandoned obsidian due to this limitation and found a good alternative (which is equally extendable), please let me know.

I was really exited to discover obsidian and have already dived into developing some plugins I want, but with this limitation I’m a bit hesitant to invest more time :confused: It basically means I will have to configure/find plugins/develop a lot of functionality which otherwise could be handled by my window manager into obsidian. I really dislike being forced to use in-window panes as it force me to use special hotkeys for every app. I am sympathetic to the fact that certain layout features integrate can become more powerful in-window (and ofc. works independently of the WM), but please - let me have basic multiple windows :cry:

Unfortunately we have the same issue with VS Code here. As you can see, with all their engineering resources, it’s still a challenge.

I interpret this as the developers isn’t actively hostile to idea at least - maybe its hope that the situation would improve in the medium future :crossed_fingers:


I would love a feature like this too. Thanks for considering!


Hey @mcass did you manage to make it work?

Well I just pushed an update. Now the sync is “bi-directional”. So if you wish, please download again the plugin and copy paste it in the plugin directory of both the Obsidian’s instances.

This means that:

  1. If you edit a file in the main, the local graph in mirror is updated according to the active file in main

  2. if you click a node on the local graph in mirror, the main loads the file just clicked on the local graph

to keep the local graph always on and full screen I use the Sliding Panes plugin.

Let me know if I answered. I have been testing the new update for 1 day and it seems working. Let me know if you are able to make it work or if you find any bugs.

My workflow is the following:
I have multiple monitors (up to 6).

I have two monitor close to each other (1 on top, 1 underneath). On the bottom I have the main instance, above I have the local graph in full screen.

I tend to use for reading/editing the main, and for connecting the dots in my brain I have a look at the local graph. I interact with the local graph if I want to dive deeper and navigate the connections. In the meanwhile, with the new update, when I click the local graph, the main Obsidian get synced.