Floating \ Pop-out \ Multiple windows of the same vault

This is really opening a new window with full UI into the existing opened vault.


I work on multiple monitors, and multiple virtual desktops, all the time.

I often need access to my notes content (a single vault) from all of those - or to edit multiple files side by side on different displays.

from what I can tell there is no way to do this.
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Perhaps this could be implemented as a widget when the API comes out? The new page won’t have all the sidebars like in the native app, but you can choose the page you want opened and resize the widget however you like on which ever screen.

A “stay on top” mode would be nice as well if you’re working on a browser or VS code etc.

An additional feature could be you can still change to whichever page you want using the CTRL-O hotkey like usual on that widget.

For those that are more adept at coding, is this feasible?

It would be nice if we can double click on a note and it opens on a new window, kind of like how it is on Evernote or Bear.


It would also be useful for graph view window.

The representation of the local and global graph is inconvenient to use now, because in a small window, the signatures of the nodes overlap each other. If the graph window could be brought out separately, then this would make it possible to increase the scale and thus increase the readability of the graph.


Great, thanks a lot!
This’s worked for me.

It sounds like a good idea, thanks!
I just need to open some notes in preview mode in the other monitor as reference.
Having a workaround is better than having nothing.


Is you all probably know I am a daily user of Obsidian.
I am converting my whole existing workflow into Obsidian.

From that stand point I have a question:
Would it be possible to divide the Obsidian App over two physical screens?
If not:
Wouldn’t that be a great option to have?


Is this the same as Multiple windows on the same vault, or did you have something else in mind?

How do you keep thousand of request at the top of your head?

Indeed that seems to be the question.

Thinking of it:
Way don’t I create a copy of the Obsidian App in OSX and launch that?
As a workaround until the feature becomes implemented.

Should there be issues doing that?

I’m not sure, but I’d be curious about the results of any experiments! :wink:

Just tried it out…

Not working :frowning:

The moment you choose a vault that’s already open Obsidian activates the already open window.

Is this on the roadmap?

As we are using Electron, perhaps a tabbed approach in place of seperate windows would give us this possibility?


You can do this with nested vaults.

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I’d just like to bump this a little, since there’s no “voting” on discourse. Even the ability to open read-only windows would be fabulous - I’ve moved my active note-taking to Obsidian and find it great, but the inability to easily open multiple windows to refer to previous meetings, events, notes, etc., is a serious productivity killer.

I typically keep (kept) half a dozen note windows open in Evernote, on different monitors and different portions of the screen, so that I could overlay them with other applications. Having a huge Obsidian window with multiple panes just isn’t a substitute, and it makes co-existing with other applications nearly impossible since it takes over too much of the display.


I have a Macbook Air that I’m running with an external Acer monitor. I’m not able to drag the obsidian window across monitors. I would love to be able to open separate windows. Panes are helpful, but I would prefer windows.


I should also note that Atom is written in Electron, but allows having multiple windows open…


@ryanjamurphy Consider these two topics for inclusion in this overarching feature request thread? They seem to be asking for the same thing.


Hey, I’m trying to write my Digital Garden and Obsidian almost works for me but not quite. The one thing that’s missing is being able to just open as many windows as I want and move them around wherever I want. I’m aware that I can use the panels, but what I’m looking for is more like popout windows. Are there any plans of supporting that? It makes for a very freeing editing experience.

The implementation in Bear is particularly good. I can open up a whole lot of popout windows, and if I click on a wikilink to a note where I already have a popout window open, it takes me to the already open window


+1 - I’ve also been wishing for this.

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Floating windows would be awesome for people using multiple monitors.

i.e I could have the main window open for reference material and an editor window open on a second monitor for the document that I’m working on.