Flipping through all notes with keypresses

I looked for something similar on the forum, but I did not find anything. Please forgive me if I missed a post…

What I’m trying to do

I am still new and still learning to use Obsidian.
I want to be able to flip through ALL my notes sequentially (up and down) with a keypress. Currently I know how to flip between OPEN notes (ctrl+shift+arrows). Each note should open in the same active window (I do not want a bunch of open notes) while doing this. Is it possible to start at, for example, note 1, and with a keypress flip to note 2 and then to 3 or back to 2 etc? Currently I have to open note 1, then close it, and open note 2, close it, open note 3 etc.

What I want to achieve is similar to when you hold a stack of Index cards and you flip through them one after the other. I have lots of notes and I think it might be useful to flip through them from time to time and just catch a glimpse of what I have written, either to jog my memory or look for new links between my notes. I hope this makes sense to someone.

Things I have tried

I have looked through the Help section and searched the forums, but was not able to find a solution to my question or a similar question. I know that I can flip between notes that are already open in the tabs, but that is not what I am trying to achieve.

I don’t think there’s a way built in. I’d search in Settings > Community Plugins > Browse. I don’t know of a plugin that does that, but I definitely don’t know all the plugins.

I’ve not used the plugin below, but it claims to add multiple keyboard navigation options and it might just be the answer for you.

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Thank you… Thank you. This works perfectly for my needs

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