[flie lose] file A was covered by file B

This is the second time I met this problem, sorry I don’t know how does it happen. The first time it happened was when I updated to version v0.13.14

I found my file A was covered or replaced by the content of file B. And when I tried to recover my note, file recovery only saved a few versions which were already covered.

java file was covered by the right pane, but it should be a java learning note. I am sure I didn’t do any copy-paste operation.

what’s more, I also found I cannot recover my note

it only saved a few versions and the earliest historical version was 5 days ago not 7days ago.


  • Operating system: win 10, obsidian v0.13.14

You mean the latest?

We have identified the cause of this bug and it was fixed in 0.13.16. It will be made public soon.

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OK, thanks very much!

thank you for your reply, I mean the earliest version, for example, the version on Dec.28th or even earlier(less than 7 days), because the recent snapshots were all the replaced notes.

I am confused about the mechanism of snapshots.
It seems the snapshot did not always work(every 5 min), it worked sometimes. Because if it worked well, I think there should be many snapshots instead of only 6 snapshots saved.

every 5 minute IF there is a change.

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