Flag a Note so it is listed at the top of the quick switcher list

Things I have tried

I have looked in discord, here and docs to understand how the quick switcher orders its results, and to see if I can use features like “staring” a note to bubble it to the top. No luck!

What I’m trying to do

I have 1000 notes that serve as ‘root’ notes for most of my stuff.
If I type a prefix in the quick switcher for one of these special notes I want that note to “rise above” all other possible matches, since 90% of the time one of these 1000 roots will be what I am looking for.

How can I indicate these 1000 notes. (Staring does not work, is there any other way? I am ok to ‘hack’ this is some way.

My current idea is add double “" before all of these notes and to script my ‘open switcher’ to always add a "”… then I can remove those “__” marks in the rare case that I want an expanded search.

Much better would be a solution that did both searches together, but just order the special notes at the top.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
Thanks, --Dan

I think your current idea makes sense for now (you might want to add some backticks around the symbols in your post to mark them as code so they won’t turn into formatting, or add a backslash before each one).

I agree it would be nice if starring a note prioritized it in Quick Switcher.

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Thanks! Sorry to ask a newbie question, but I cannot find any edit controls in this discussion board… Do I delete and recreate the note in order to make the edits as you suggest? Also if this cannot be done, perhaps I should place this into the requested feature’s topic area? thanks for the help --dan

At the bottom of your post there should be (among other icons) a pencil icon which lets you edit the post.

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@CawlinTeffid yes, that is also what I expected. perhaps I am too new and too low level to edit my own posts? In any case, I think I will simply rewrite this as an explicit feature request along with the use-case justification. I just didn’t want to put a feature request in before knowing that the feature did not already exist in some form. Thanks!

Oh, maybe! I didn’t even think of that.

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