Fixing Logseq-created color tags in Obsidian

If you are syncing Logseq and Obsidian you may see that Obsidian adds numerical tags that are not in your Logseq tag bank. These originate from the hexadecimal values Logseq adds to some blocks to colorize them. It looks like, now, Logseq has done away with adding hex colors that require using a hashtag in favor of using natural language colors like “blue” and “red” which don’t create trouble in Obsidian.

As a result, to fix this errant numerical values from appearing I just looked up the approximate color of these values, found a color that matched that could be specified using a word instead of a hex value and did a FIND + REPLACE across all my markdown files.

Here is a list of colors one may use for replacement purposes: CSS/Properties/color/keywords - W3C Wiki

This is what color addition can look like in Logseq

This is what can appear in Obsidian as a result unless you replace these hex value colors:
Screen Shot 2023-04-16 at 5.35.48 PM

Here is a full list of replacement colors: