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Hi! I’ve been looking for a way to review new notes pulled in from Readwise on an every few days to a weekly basis.

My goal is to have a way to filter or search notes created or modified within the past week that way I can make sure I go through them and not have to dig through the folders.

I did find the plugin “Review Notes Plugin,” and I think it’s what I needed. I’m just not sure how far back it reaches or how long it stays there. Thanks @tjandy98 for making the plugin - it’s awesome!

Any help with either figuring out how long items will stay there or if there’s an easy way to search, I’d greatly appreciate it!

How are these notes stored? I would assume they all go to a folder, but you say “folders” so I guess they’re in multiple places?

Are they marked with a hashtag or are they named distinctively? Either of those would help you construct a search which you could save (using either the Starred core plugin or an embedded search).

If the notes are being saved to a known set of folders, you could put (for example) path:("folder 1" OR "folder 2") in the search.

You can’t search by file dates, but I think the search sorts from new to old by default, and if not you can sort the view.

Or the Review Notes plugin may be fine.

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Thanks for the feedback. The sorting is perfect. I have a prefix for a - [ ] Review on each not imported. I just searched for this, saved it, and sorted it it. Thanks again!

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