Finding Connections

What ways do you find connections between your notes? Do you like to explore a graph such as Wikipedia Map or Wikipedia Galaxy? Or do you prefer the old fashion way of flipping through all your paper notes and thinking about how the note you just wrote connects to other notes?

What feature adjustments (limited scope of graph view) or other tools would you like to see to improve your ability to find connections?


I’m very much a “scroll through the doc list and click all the backlinks until you find something interesting” person, but I love graph view because I like pretty things. I’d love an overall graph view (zooming in and out), but I don’t think I’d need other plugins. I am, however, a big fan of testing out new stuff, so I might find out that I needed something when it comes out!

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This is how I find connections when reading a book.

After finishing a book, I will go through all those little notes. This
is the time that I start to build connections in my ZK. Usually, it
starts with searching keywords from notes I jotted down in the book.
If I am lucky, I will find the atomic notes in my ZK, and I add new
thoughts to it. And I will also add a back link to the location where
this new idea comes from. Sometimes, the search result is just an
index note. In this cases, I just add a new note to this index. After
that, I try my best to review this new idea and think about it. The
idea is to find the possible connection to this new notes.

When I review the notes in book, I sometimes find the index notes
interesting. Those new ideas are not came from the moments when I
first read the book but from the moment when I process its content. I
will update the old index notes and any ideas on that index notes.

From a visualization of all my ideas, I can visually interact with all
my ideas. I sometimes open this graph while I am processing a note.
It can spark some ideas. This is another method I enter my ZK.