'Find Unlinked Files' plugin - how do the additional features work?

I have this plugin installed and noticed it says it has the following additional features:

  • add files to ignore
  • add directories to ignore
  • add tags to ignore files with one of these tags
  • add files to ignore files with links to one of these files
  • add specific file types to ignore
  • change output filename

However, I can’t find any documentation on how to use these. I’m particularly interested in ‘add files to ignore’ - If it does what I’m hoping it does.

does anyone know how these work and how to trigger them?

You may want to ask on the plugin’s GitHub page: GitHub - Vinzent03/find-unlinked-files: Find files, which are nowhere linked, so they are maybe lost in your vault.

Or on the Obsidian Discord server.

(I’m not sure if the dev is active here!)

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Thank you Ryan. I’ll try on Git. :wink:

Hey I am the dev. (You can reach me via @Vinadon on Discord too)
All these settings are additional filters for the result. The Find unlinked files command outputs a list of files. Files that you add to the files to ignore text field don’t get added to the list. I hope it is clearer now.


Hi @Vinadon - thank you. Yes that does help. I see the settings under the plugin. Does adding files to ignore also exclude them from the graph view?

No, it doesn’t change anything from Obsidian itself. It only filters the output of my plugin. Nothing else.

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Thank you @Vinadon

Thanks for the plugin!

Is there a way to combine “find unlinked” and “find untagged”? without having to enter every tag individually into the “tags to ignore”, for example?

Looking for an output of “orphans” in the way graph view defines it

I think I answered my own question. First by realizing this plugin doesn’t exclude files with outgoing links, so it could not match the definition of “orphan” in graph view. Looks like dataview may be able to help out

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