Find note doesn't see Canvases

When I want to find a canvas in my vault I open the “Find note” explorer.
Currently, the “Find note” explorer doesn’t see canvases.

I’m not sure if it’s an intended behaviour (because canvas are not exactly notes), but its non-intuitive to me.

Obsidian is great!
Thanks for creating it.

What do you mean by the “Find note explorer”? Can you take a screenshot?

Hi @ryanjamurphy

My apologies if I was unclear.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem:
I’m searching for a canvas without finding it.

Bug reports need to follow the template. For now, I’m just moving it to Help.

Can you run the Obsidian command “Show debug info” and paste the results here?

You are showing the “Quick switcher” core plugin, I think. It should work, but it might depend on your version, your installer version, your plugins, or your theme. If your installer is old, download and reinstall Obsidian. Try in the Sandbox help vault, to make sure it isn’t a community plugin or theme causing trouble.

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You probably have Settings -> Quick Switcher -> Show Attachments disabled. Enable it and you should see them in the Quick Switcher.
Obsidian seems to label Canvases as attachments.


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