Find not finding a file

I have a note named “PowerShell Port Test”. When I search via the magnifying glass (ctrl-shift-f) for “powershell” the file isn’t found. It also isn’t found when I search for “port” or “test” or “port test” or for “test” or “netconnection” which are in the body.

I added “PowerShell Port Test” to the body but that didn’t help. I closed the vault and reopen and search still doesn’t find it. Other things show up but not that file.

What am I doing wrong?

It was created w/ Obsidian and is named “PowerShell Port” in explorer.

It shows up in graph view. It’s not linked to anything but the #PowerShell tag.

Hi, from your explanation, the search words you input are in lowercase while the note name is in Title Case (the first letter of each word is UPPERCASE).

It’s maybe a case sensitive issue! Disable the “Match case” button above the search field and try again.

Check my reply to a similar issue for more details and screenshots:

That was it.

I might need a different theme as that match case button looks exactly the same clicked or unclicked.

Thank you!

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