Find next/prev with only one occurrence removes highlight

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a note with a single word as content “test”
  • Press Ctrl + F to open find bar
  • Type “test”
  • As expected, the only occurrence of the word is highlighted
  • Press either Next or Prev

Expected result

The highlight should stay on “test” no matter if you press Next or Prev when there is only one occurrence. This is what web browsers do.

Actual result

The highlight disappears and you cannot get it back unless you delete some characters from the search query and finish typing the word again.


  • Operating system: Linux, iOS
  • Debug info:
    Obsidian version: v0.13.19
    Installer version: v0.12.10
    Login status: logged in
    Catalyst license: none
    Insider build toggle: off
    Live preview: on
    Legacy editor: off
    Base theme: light
    Community theme: none
    Snippets enabled: 0
    Safe mode: off
    Plugins installed: 22
    Plugins enabled: 19
    1: Note Refactor
    2: Advanced Tables
    3: Templater
    4: Hotkey Helper
    5: Pane Relief
    6: Dangling links
    7: Obsidian TODO | Text-based GTD
    8: Outliner
    9: Zoom
    10: Dataview
    11: Macros
    12: Sliding Panes (Andy’s Mode)
    13: Obsidian Tabs
    14: Spaced Repetition
    15: Checklist
    16: Update time on edit
    17: Media Extended
    18: Incremental Writing
    19: Natural Language Dates

Additional information

I tried disabling all plugins and the same result happens.


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Will be fixed 0.13.20

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