Find (in page) is too agressive

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a longer page (one where you’d have to scroll a few pages to get to the bottom)
  2. Activate Find (Ctrl-f on my system)
  3. Search for something that’s in the Page and let it bring focus to the result
  4. Scroll somewhere else in the page and type several words, each on on a new line (i.e. "words" then Enter key)

Actual result

Notice that every time you press enter the search is reactivated and cursor focus is lost. The page jumps a round a lot.

Expected result

In my experience, every other text editing program I’ve used handles this situation more gracefully. Focus is maintained when you start typing again and the search is only reactivated when you press F3 (in windows) or by pressing the Previous / Next buttons.


  • Operating system: Win10
  • Obsidian version: v0.6.7

Looks like pressing enter restarts the search.

Right, pressing Enter should only do things when you’re focused on the search box. Will fix.


Fixed in 0.7.1